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AARS is a residential treatment program where clients can expect a residency of six months minimum. It is important to ask yourself if our program is the best option for you before applying. Learn more.

Required Documents

Please follow the below steps to begin the admissions process.

Substance Use Assessment
  • AARS currently does NOT offer substance use assessments.
  • Please Click Here for a list of local agencies that offer assessments.
AARS Admissions Application

Click a button below, then save the PDF to your desktop.

Criminal History

Please obtain a printout of your criminal history from the Alaska State Troopers, your local police department, or from the court system.

Submit Your Forms

Please submit your substance use assessment, completed admissions application
and criminal history report:

Once received, AARS’ Treatment Team will review the information submitted and contact you within five (5) business days.

Note: AARS gives priority preference to pregnant injecting drug users and substance users, as well as OCS engaged families. Persons with co-occurring disorders may be asked for additional documentation. An AARS Intake Coordinator may request additional
information from all applicants.

Questions? Contact us at 907-376-4534, or