Alaska Addiction Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Job Description

The Quality Assurance Specialist is primarily responsible for overseeing billing and documentation, and working with AARS’ clinical staff to ensure the accuracy and quality of client documentation, client services, and records within AARS.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the billing and documentation for compliance with the State laws, rules, and regulations; sub-contractual agreements; contractual obligations mandates; HIPPA; Medicaid; AARS Policy and Procedures.
  • Provide training and feedback to Counselors, as directed by the Clinical Manager, on areas of needed correction / improvement and / or technical assistance.
  • Maintain client records.
  • Work collaboratively with the Clinical Manager and Executive Director to ensure the accuracy and quality of client documentation, client services, records, and documentation within AARS.
  • Review and ensure the content compliance of all documentation submitted to the SUD client record, including, but not limited to: intake documents; assessments; client treatment plans; progress notes; change of diagnoses; outcome measures; collateral documents; correspondence; and ASAM.
  • Respond to telephone inquiries and / or refer to appropriate staff and return messages.
  • Input intake packet into AKAIMS.
  • Review service Authorization through the Medicaid site.
  • Enter the service Authorization in AKAIMS.
  • Create paper and electronic records for all clients.
  • Maintain inactive files keeping them in proper order and shredding any unnecessary documents.
  • Assist the Clinical Manager, Counselors, and Executive Director in any proofreading, data entry, clerical work as requested.
  • Provide recommendations to the Clinical Manager.
  • Prepare or provide information for reports as requested by the Executive Director and / or Clinical Manager.
  • Interact with community / referring agencies.
  • Assure the quality of the AARS treatment program.
  • Be required to read all AARS Policy and Procedure manuals, pass an exam, and assist in updating AARS operations manual.
  • Assist in budget preparations.
  • Participate in staff evaluations and training.
  • Assure client confidentiality according to State and Federal guidelines.
  • Respond to client / agency requests for information regarding former clients.
  • Be responsible to be on-call for all emergencies that arise at AARS, which may include but not be limited to power outages earthquakes, and water and sewage issues.
  • Assume other duties as directed.

Minimum Qualifications & Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Must have prior experience in customer service.
  • Must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited college / university in a related course of study or the equivalent experience as related to this position.
  • Must have prior experience with AKAIMS electronic health records system and Medicaid billing.
  • Must have strong research skills.
  • Must demonstrate strong customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be culturally sensitive and aware of Alaska’s cultural diversities.
  • Must have demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally.
  • Must be familiar with the 12 Step AA Recovery Program / Philosophy.


  • Has a current TB Test (obtainable within the first 30 days of employment).
  • Has a current First Aid/CPR Cards (obtainable within the first 90 days of employment) Valid Alaska Driver’s License and is insurable.
  • Has appropriate computer skills.
  • Has to pass a mandated criminal background check.
  • Has been vaccinated for COVID.
  • Is a role model positive behavior – enforce client rules..

Reports to: Clinical Manager
Location: AARS, Pt. MacKenzie Road [map]
Employment Status: Full-Time
Starting Pay: $26 per hour (position also includes a monthly gas allowance, health insurance stipend, and COVID vaccination bonus)

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