Alaska Addiction Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

Part-Time Day Security Monitor

Job Description

The Part-Time Day Security Monitor is primarily responsible for overseeing AARS’ clients safety, as well as performing facility upkeep and cleaning duties.


  • Regular inspection of facility and determination of location of all clients.
  • Log client’s presence and activities hourly.
  • Note any unusual incidents.
  • Monitor security cameras coverage during shift.
  • Answer telephone and contacts appropriate staff as required.
  • May assist with monitoring client medication, when needed, including waking any client needing regular prescriptions.
  • Log all assistances with monitoring client medication. Handle any incident in a prompt and proper manner as detailed in Operations Manual, contacting the appropriate staff on call if required.
  • Awaken clients at scheduled time in morning.
  • Perform routine janitorial duties on all building.
  • Complete house laundry regularly.
  • Regularly (hourly) inspects all outbuildings to be sure they are secured for the night, regularly check all animals during shift.
  • Wake clients to help with animals, if needed.
  • Clean grease trap and exhaust vents monthly in kitchen.
  • Report any repairs required to the Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Participate in program activities as schedule allows.
  • Attend training events and staff meetings or reads minutes within 48 hours after missed session.
  • Required to read all policies and procedure manuals of AARS and pass exams on manuals.
  • Completes RELIAS training courses, and other training assigned.
  • Required to read all policies and procedure manuals of AARS.
  • Complete all forms in timely manner.
  • Review AARS Operations Manual.
  • Maintain project logs, reports, and records in appropriate files and database(s).
  • Participate in staff training and conduct training sessions as requested.
  • Participate in probationary and annual evaluation.
  • Prepare and submit incidents reports as needed both positive and negative to Executive Director and other staff.
  • Maintain Client Confidentiality according to Federal and State guidelines.
  • Review and become familiar with the Personnel Manual for AARS.
  • Completes other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications and Required Skills and Abilities:

  • High School diploma or G.E.D.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of substance use disorder.
  • Some experience in residential substance use disorder treatment programs.
  • Some knowledge of AA/NA philosophy preferred.
  • Able to work independently and within established guidelines.
  • Strong and in-good physical condition.
  • Able to understand policies and procedures, and handle emergencies appropriately.
  • Knowledge of client record keeping.
  • Ability to follow instructions, legible handwriting/printing, and computer literate.
  • Enjoys working with forms, compiling data and handling filing system.
  • Flexible, organized, and willing to assist in other program areas when needed.
  • Must have: Current TB test (obtainable within the first 30 days of employment); Current First Aid/CPR Cards (obtainable within the first 90 days of employment);
  • Must be able to pass mandated criminal background check with an allowance for a variance.

Reports to: Health, Safety, Security & Maintenance Coordinator
Location: AARS, Pt. MacKenzie Road
Employment Status: Part-Time
Starting Pay: $20 per hour (position also includes a monthly gas allowance, health insurance stipend, and COVID vaccination bonus)

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